9 Things I Learned This Summer

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9 Things I Learned This Summer

Happy Summer! It is bloody hot outside. In our kitchen facility it is clocking in around 90 degrees. It is miserable. But we survive. I love the Summer, it feels slower and calmer. But even in the calm there are things to garner from life. Here are a few things I have learned this summer thus far.


  1. You should drink some water. It really won’t hurt you.
  2. Hot Yoga is extra miserable in the summer.
  3. Cold coffee is where is it at
  4. Having less body fat is cooler. Last year, I lost 30# doing keto and I am not as hot as the year prior.
  5. Dinner of some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and a cold shrimp is just as god as a ribeye on the grill or a pot roast in the oven.
  6. I don’t look good in a tank top
  7. Going to the beach is awesome, even if you do drive 24 hours with two toddlers, have a flat tire, and only see the beach for three days before doing it again.
  8. Hitting the grocery store salad bar is far easier than chopping everything. (see number 9)
  9. Evolve is even easier.


Take a break, not everything has to be perfect. Stop and relax for just a moment. For me, my summer’s got more enjoyable when I slowed down, simplified my life (my eating), lost some weight and pressed the easy button. For an easy way to simplify, check out Evolve and their pre-made meals. Nothing really could be easier. https://eattoevolve.com


Less Grain, Less Pain

-Chef Caleb


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