Are White Potatoes Actually Paleo?

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We’ve all been on the sweet potato band wagon so long we seem to have forgotten the lowly white potato or pushed it aside into some non-paleo limbo. But could it be that white potatoes are actually paleo and we can begin to embrace them again?


First a brief look at our world 10,000 years ago and yes, our human ancestors were indeed enjoying white potatoes. The ancient farmers in the mountains of Peru quickly realized how nutritious, versatile and abundant these tubers were. Wild varieties of the white potato were gathered by other humanoids long before that. The potato has been a part of our food culture for millennia.

Healthpaleo potatoes

Let’s talk about their glycemic index: the conventional wisdom is that sweet potatoes have a lower GI than their white cousins. But when you break that down white potatoes actually have more glucose and less fructose and sucrose than sweet potatoes which is actually good news for your body. Glucose is more readily used by our bodies, which is
great for muscle recovery after exercise.

White potatoes, when eaten with their skin on, have 27% of your needed vitamin B6 and 28% of your vitamin C. Plus they are chock full of protein, fiber, potassium, iron and more. They are a little vitamin packages waiting to be opened and enjoyed. Not only that, they are full of resistant starch which studies have shown can help your body remove excess sugars, helping better regulate insulin resistance.

Sweet Potato vs White Potato

Finally let’s compare the avoided white potato with the loved sweet potato: white potatoes have 51 carbs per serving while sweet have 49. That serving of white potatoes has 220 calories while the same amount of sweet potatoes has 208. Clearly there’s room for both of these real foods on our paleo palette.


When we get right down to it a white potato isn’t that much different than a sweet potato and has some additional nutritional benefits. If you are already adding sweet potatoes to your meals, don’t be afraid to add back in some white potatoes. These little lost powerhouses don’t need to be forgotten any longer. And they are so versatile they can work in many recipes, just avoid the deep fried varieties. What are you going to try this week? Order yours HERE this week.


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