Here is the Best Way to Eat Your Vegetables!

Easy to bake, fast to finish! This new article explains why organic, gluten free recipes are the best thing since slide bread!

Ok, here it is. The definitive guide. I have scoured the internet to find the best way for you to cook your vegetables. Is it steaming? Is it grilling? It may be boiling your vegetables (it is in fact, not boiling. Despite what my old roommate Laron did to her bell peppers…gross) It has come to my attention that the best way to cook vegetables is WHATEVER WAY YOU WILL EAT THEM!


Are you looking for more out of me? Ok, here goes… the best way to cook vegetables is not actually as easy as one method. I know you have always been told that steaming vegetables is the definitive way to cook veg. It retains all the vitamins and minerals, right? No, not really. And here is why.


Vegetables contain water and fat soluble vitamins and minerals. Guess what steaming does not give you? The fat needed to absorb some nutrients. The same goes with boiling. In fact, boiling is worse, it not only doesn’t allow you to absorb the fat soluble vitamins and minerals, the excess water literally sucks nutrients out of the veg. In fact, there is more vitamins and minerals in the water you boiled in, than in the vegetables you were cooking. If you have to boil, drink the water…seriously. The exception here is carrots. Carrots actually have a higher concentrate of antioxidants. So boil your carrots.


Frying your vegetables is an excellent place to get the fat necessary for digesting your fat soluble vitamins. Be careful to fry in a paleo approved fat, like coconut oil…at home. There is no restaurant around that uses this in their fryer and if they do (they don’t) it’s not cleaned near enough. Restaurant fryers are gross, I know. Don’t eat anything fried when you’re out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fry at home.


Roasting/baking is a good place for vegetables. There is no water added so your minerals are safe from leaching. Also, since we ALL know that before you roast vegetables, you toss them in olive oil, you are getting the fat you need to absorb some of the vitamins and minerals. Quick, hot oven. Roasting is better than baking. Baking takes a while and the extended heat can damage the veg.


But is roasting the best way? Isn’t raw the absolute best way? It must be, there are whole diets based off of raw foods. Just because you saw it on the internet does not make it true (except this article.) The answer is, not really. Why? Glad you asked. Because cooking your vegetables helps break them down and makes it easier on your body to digest.


But…but…cooking destroys nutrients.


Yes, it does, but it also makes other bionutrients available that would otherwise not be. So it’s a trade-off.


So…what is the best way? Let me preface this by saying that this is pertaining to only what keeps the most nutrients in the vegetables (I can see the hate mail now…) Microwaving is the best method for cooking vegetables (other than cauliflower.) But why? Well, as you may have figured out by now, there are three things that affect nutrient loss when cooking. (1) Time, (2) Temperature, (3) Water. The longer you cook food, the less nutrients. The hotter the temperature, the less nutrients. Finally, the more water you use, the less nutrients remain in the food. Using these parameters, the microwave is the best of all the cook methods. It is quick, uses very little water, and is relatively low temperature compared to other methods. Again, this does not take into account magnetrons, but that is a whole different conversation.


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    • Cauliflower loses over 50% of it’s anti-oxidant capacity in the microwave. This is the only veg (that we know of) to do this.

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