Choice beats no choice

Easy to bake, fast to finish! This new article explains why organic, gluten free recipes are the best thing since slide bread!

Choice in Kansas City


Choices are good. I like choices. This week I ordered food from “the other guy” and I found a few things out. The most astonishing thing I found was the lack of choices. I ordered a 6-day plan. The choices I got was “chicken or no chicken”, “beef or no beef”, “pork or no pork”, and “seafood or no seafood”. After I made those decisions, they said great, your food will be here in 10 days…. that’s it. I don’t know what entrees I am going to get, I hope I like them. I will let you know.

But that got me to thinking, how can I offer more options. After all, I think choices are better, and I think you should know what you are getting. So, after listening to surveys, and working with our web developers we have brought you even more choices! When you order a meal plan, you can now split your soups, salads and desserts up ANY way you like. No more, 1 soup, 5 salads, 2 desserts. Get 8 desserts if you want! Get 4 soups 4 salads. It is your choice! Choices are good.


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