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There is one great way I tell people how to get a whole lot of nutrients without eating a ton of food.  That way is by juicing fruits and veggies.  There are so many health benefits to adding fresh juice to your daily routine.  There are also some do’s and don’ts I will go over, in order for you to benefit the most from juicing.

We at Evolve offer cold-pressed juices along with our meal and snacks.  What exactly does cold-pressed juicing mean?  Well there are two ways in getting juice extracted from fruits and veggies.  One way, which is not ideal, is a centrifugal model.  This juicer shreds up the produce with spinning blades and collects the juice that is spun away from the pulp.  This adds heat and oxygen to the juice, which breaks down the nutrients very quickly and increases oxidation.  It also isn’t very efficient, as the pulp that is left is still very wet.  The second model is called cold pressing.  The produce is ground up using a masticator, then it is pressed using hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds worth of pressure.  This model does not create heat, thus the name cold-pressed.  You are then left with nutrient rich juice and the pulp is almost bone dry.

Another benefit of choosing cold-pressed juice is all the great vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the produce.  Traditional juice goes through a pasteurization process, where the juice is heated very quickly and then chemicals are added to it, in order to keep a longer shelf life.  But the chemicals can be harmful to our bodies and the heat not only kills off bad bacteria but kills off the good ones, too, as well as killing off tons of nutrients.

With cold-pressed juices, there is actually more fiber left in the juice than with traditional or centrifugal models.  The process of juicing is basically squeezing the liquid part of the plant out of the bulky, fibrous part of the plant.  So it may seem that there is no fiber left in juice, but that isn’t true.  When the juice goes through the cold-pressed process, some of the fiber is actually extracted along with the juice.  And we all know how important fiber is for our bodies, in that it helps our digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Some other great side effects of cold-pressed juices are increased energy.  The nutrients are immediately being absorbed and used in your body because the digestive system doesn’t have to work so hard to break it down.  Yes, you can get this same boost in energy by consuming the same amount of fruits and veggies it takes to make the juice.  But drinking juice is must more realistic for people.  You can get several servings of fruits and veggies in a single glass of juice without all the time prep in cooking and eating that same food.

You can mix and match different fruits and veggies to help boost certain nutrients for certain reasons.  I would advise most to add greens to the mix, since they are packed full of great things.  I would also say that juices that are primarily made from fruits, while they taste delicious, might be too much sugar for some.  So adding veggies along with fruits can help keep the sugar amount down and increase the nutrients.   Throwing in some dark, leafy greens for tons of nutrients that most people are deficient in like iron and several vitamins.  Adding some ginger helps digestive health.   Put in some pineapple to benefit from its inflammation reducing enzymes.  There are many ways to increase your daily nutrient intake with juicing and also make it fun and tasty!


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  1. Can I please get the nutrition information for the supreme green juice? 8 oz. I working with nutritionist and need to input my daily data.


    • Hey Kelly hope this response finds you well. The ingredients on the Supreme green are: Green Apple, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Cucumber, Ginger, Romaine, Celery, Lemon. We do not have macros for our juices just because it would be very hard to get an exact number. Thanks!

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