Consistency is Key!

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Consistency. I was intrigued by Logan’s article last week about consistency. Back before I was Paleo I had a lot of success in losing gained weight from eating pizza every day when I was in Iraq. My secret, low calorie. I would eat bread, pasta and anything low fat, low calorie. I would exercise every day and eat a very low calorie diet. You know what, this worked. I was running 3-5 miles a day and feeling really good. Paleo? Nope. Consistent? Yes.

I am currently on vacation; I am writing this article while driving back from Gulf Shores. Sometimes, you just need a break from the madness. One think that I said that I was going to do was eat slower. I was on vacation and I was going to relax and enjoy myself. I was going to eat slower and only eat when I was hungry. I did not work out, I expended very little energy swimming in the ocean. I rolled like this all week. You know what? I ate slower, and I ate less.


Consistency is the cornerstone of humanity. We require stability, we thrive for structure. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, security is the pinnacle of life. That is why the military does so well for so many. It provides structure and consistency. It provided that for me. I was most successful with my weight when I was consistently going to the gym, when I was consistently eating better. My weight goes up when I consistently overeat. I consistently overeat when I rush through food.


Takeaway? Be consistent. Now there are things that can help you along the way.

  1. Get a buddy. Whether this be a workout buddy or an eating buddy. An accountability partner. This works for more than just in church.
  2. Start a reasonable routine. If you can’t (or won’t cook) it probably is not reasonable to think you are going to all of a sudden start cooking. You should look into Evolve for food help.
  3. Make your goals match your realities. You cannot expect to reverse YEARS of consistently bad eating (see! consistency works) in one month. It took you years to get you where you are, you probably are not going to change overnight. You have to be consistent.


Last thought. We are starting a Whole30 challenge starting in October. This is a great way to get you back on track, let you see some quick results going into the holiday and hopefully give you the knowledge and motivation you need to move forward. If you are serious about losing weight, and turning your food fortunes around, this is a great way to jumpstart. Email me if you have questions.


Have a great week!


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