Dairy Free in KC

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Dairy Free In KC

I get this statement a lot.

“Caleb, I have to drink milk because it has so much calcium.”

My response is always, no you don’t. You can get all your calcium needs in vegetables. Have you ever looked at just how much calcium is in milk vs vegetables, I have. And here is a handy chart I found to prove you don’t have to drink milk to get calcium.

So how much calcium do you need per day? For an adult it is recommended that everyone over the age of 18 get about 1000mg a day. As you can see, if you are eating your vegetables in their proper portions, you are all set as far as calcium goes.

But, what is the harm of drinking milk?

1. Your body was not designed to drink the milk of another animal. Chances are if you abstain from it and cleanse your body of it, you will realize that you actually are lactose intolerant. (Most people are)

2. There are casins in milk that your body cannot break down.


So lets recap… you don’t need it, it probably doesn’t like you, and it contains things you cannot digest. It truly DOESN’T do a body good.




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  1. Yes! I am a hygienist and people are always relating the health of their teeth with amount of milk they drink or lack thereof. I tell people all the time that it’s not a factor. Eat your veggies. Same with fluoride. Get it in your veggies. That’s all you need. Getting down off soapbox….

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