Don’t Get Swept Up in the Summer Slam

Easy to bake, fast to finish! This new article explains why organic, gluten free recipes are the best thing since slide bread!

We are full swing into the summer slam. All winter we look forward to to summer when the kids are out of school, we make all types of plans to keep the kids busy. So busy, it almost seems like we pile more on our plates than during the school year. We spend our time running the kids to day camp while we work, then pick them up to take them swimming or off to a sports or arts camp. We all know kids require to be constantly entertained, so keeping them “busy” with something other than hours of fortnight can be tricky. ¬†Between the extra time at home, and meals on the road it can be difficult to figure out what to feed everyone, let alone spend time grocery shopping, and cooking. Evolve has ¬†options for the whole family on the go.


If you have time to eat at home we have weekly breakfast options to choose weekly, we also have paleo cereal and pancake mixes. If you are in a hurry and need to grab something on the go, our granola bars and our paleo cereals are great options as well, and pair perfectly with our cold press juices.

Lunches and Snacks

If you have only had our delivery and never stopped into one of our location, you have been missing out! One our smoothies are AH-MAZING! Made fresh in our stores, stopping in and grabbing one is a great way to skip the fast food line! We also have Grab N’ Go’s in stores. What’s a Grab N Go? It’s basically an adult lunchable, we have multiple options, they contain a protein, a veggie, a snack (usually some nuts or trail mixes) and a sauce.


So after a long days work, the last thing most of us want to do is cook a meal, a lot of the time we end up picking up a pizza or running thru the drive thru. Neither of these are the healthiest of options. Our meals are a delicious and healthy option that the whole family can enjoy. You don’t have to worry about cooking after work, just heat and eat and enjoy!

As you enjoy the rest of the summer, just place your order by Friday at 10am and have your food picked up or delivered on Sunday. No more grocery shopping, no more fast food, no more cooking, just delicious pre made meals and snacks!




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