Eating Paleo in Kansas City

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I Know I Should Eat Paleo…But How Do I Really Get Started?


This is a really good question, and we get this a lot. We of course want people to dive head first into Paleo. We believe that it can help in lots of ways, curing a myriad of issues, we are finding. So if you believe that too, then the best way is to just do it, right? While we would like nothing more than to tell everyone to do this, it may be best to take it a step at a time. After all, you are going to be changing quite a lot all at once. Here are some good, practical steps to starting to eat Paleo.
1. Realize that you are not perfect. This is, I have found one of the biggest stumbling blocks of people, especially the O.C.D. type (you know who you are.) You will not eat 100% Paleo 100% of the time. Learn to cope with that reality. The idea is that you are committed to it everyday and you don’t forget why you are going Paleo (to be healthier, live longer, better quality of life, etc…)
2. Clean out your pantry. I (Caleb) probably have the most Paleo food of anyone I know. But I am here to tell you that if Doritos happen to land in my pantry, it will not be long before they end up in my mouth. It is a fact of life, bad food is addicting, much more so than a carrot is. Just get rid of it. I gave all my food to my super-skinny brother-in-law. Lucky him (or not).
3. Plan ahead. Those two words just make me cringe. I am not a planner, so planning meals ahead for myself and Jason is super difficult to do. This is honestly why I started this company. I figured if I had a hard time, others would too. But, if you are the coupon-clipping-write-your-entire-weekly-meal-plan type, then God bless you. I am not, if you are like me, just visit and we can help you with that.
4. Tip-toe into this. If this is your first time to attempt Paleo, a good starting place may be to start a sugar detox. Start by just taking out sugar, and excess carbs. There are lots of good resources. One of my favorite resources is Tina Sprinkle at Pilates 1901, she is an amazing go-to person on this. She has done, it, continues to do it and brings her whole gym along with her.
5. Takes Two to Tango…At least it is much easier. Get a buddy, husband, wife, homeless bum, or anyone to do it with you. Like we learned in gym class… A little support helps keep things from getting out of control. Just Sayin…


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