Fight Temptation with Healthy Alternatives!

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Evolve_header_logoFighting away temptation may be hard when it comes to the Paleo lifestyle. The Paleo lifestyle means you cannot have some foods you used to indulge in. The ultimate tip is to remember what that bad food does to your body and your long-term health. To make it easier to say “No” to your favorite unhealthy foods, we put together some tips to help you though temptation.

B-Tex-Mex BreakfastFirst you must realize that cravings and temptation are something you have taught your brain. Just like anything else, it is easy to let your brain forget what you taught it. Using candy as an example, every time you eat a piece of candy, you are teaching your brain that eating that piece of candy over another food will bring you more satisfaction than that other food. You have just taught your brain that the healthier food option will not bring as high of a internal reward. Just like any other skill, the more you repeat it regularly, the more the brain will recognize the piece of candy as a better food than the healthy one. Smash this learned trick by picking the healthier option for an entire week! Start with a snack, and process to an entire entree. Limit access and give it a 15 minute rest. Once your craving passes, your head will be much

Second, it is important to not use food as a reward system. Food should only be used as a fuel system. Once you start rewarding yourself with food, you will begin to associate food with happiness. Once you get upset over an event, your brain will want food to make itself feel better.

Finally, stock your selves with only wholesome food, not garbage! Learn how to best shop in the grocery store and understand the importance of having a fridge stocked full of good food. When you are hungry, it makes eating healthier easier because when you want to snack, you have successfully eliminated temptation.


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