Goal Setting

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Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!  Now that the winter holiday season is basically over, it’s time to get back to reality and a schedule. If you were one of the millions of people that made a resolution, then this means it’s back to work in one form or another.

The majority of New Year’s resolutions revolve around our health.  Whether it be to start going to the gym more, doing a cleanse, starting a new diet or quitting some vice, these all have one thing in common: be more healthy.  Half of Americans make these resolutions on January 1st but only 8% actually achieve these goals.  So what gives?

Well, to start, most people choose goals that are completely unrealistic for their lives.  Others that make resolutions that don’t achieve them, make goals that are great but they don’t make an exact plan on how to get there.  Here are a few ways for you to make smart goals and ensure that you will reach them.

First things first, I ask you to reflect on the last year.  Evaluate all areas in your life: career, relationships, health/physical, financial, spiritual and personal.  See what worked and what didn’t.  What strengths did you have and what weaknesses?  What goals did you meet and which goals is still a work in progress?  This will help you find a starting point for the next year.

Second, write down exactly what goals you wish to meet in 2017 and when you want to meet them.  Be very specific.  If you wish to drink more water everyday, don’t just write down, “Drink more water”.  Instead, write down, “Drink 80 oz of water each day before 6 pm and keep track with ‘such and such’ app.”  Being specific is the key to real success.  It creates a plan and accountability.  Then if problems arise later down the road, you can look back at what you wrote down and figure out exactly what went wrong and how to fix it.

Third bit of advice, is to set goals that fit in your life.  If you choose too lofty of goals or try to implement too many new things at once, it can be overwhelming.  This is the primary reason people fail at resolutions.  They go all out right away and have too many changes in their daily routine and get burned out and quit.  It’s the end of the first week of the year and I bet there are a lot of people who have already left their resolution by the way side.   If you want to run a marathon this year but you have never even run a mile, maybe the best route would be to break the goal down into parts.  Start off with a 5K first, then half marathon, then by the end of the year you are more likely to reach that goal of running a marathon.  Now, I want you all to succeed with your resolutions and have healthy and productive life choices.  Using these guidelines, you will have the tools you need to meet the targets.  Cheers to a new year and new goals to a healthier you!


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