Good Morning Kansas City Paleo Eaters!

Easy to bake, fast to finish! This new article explains why organic, gluten free recipes are the best thing since slide bread!

Paleo in Kansas City


Good morning. Happy Tuesday, I hope everyone is enjoying their food this week. It is a warm and humid day, they think, and I think (because I believe I can predict weather just as well) that we could have a little weather up in Kansas City this evening.

I wanted to draw your attention to the menu this week. If you have never had Paleo Pot Roast, I encourage you to try some this week. It is pretty much my favorite Paleo meal. It is slow…and I mean sloooowww braised grass fed beef. Think your great grandmothers crock pot (now that is slow). We slow braise some roast, where it is so tender, you practically need a spoon to eat it. Then, and that is not the best part, then when it is almost done we add it carrots, rutabagas, celery, mushrooms and onions. We take the beef out and instead of boring gravy, we puree the vegetables to the most magnificent sauce you have ever tasted. After the pot roast is done we pair it with sweet potato casserole with a pecan topping. Girl….you haven’t had pot roast like this before…

Also, don’t forget about our t-shirt competition. You can win free Paleo for a week and get a free t-shirt! This is much easier than running a 10k for a shirt. So put your creative energy to work…


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