Happy Thanksgiving from Chef Caleb

Easy to bake, fast to finish! This new article explains why organic, gluten free recipes are the best thing since slide bread!

I know it’s a few days before Thanksgiving, but it’s really looking a lot like Christmas, wouldn’t you agree? This is really a stressful time of year for everyone, especially for your belt. I know you will be cooking for eight hours straight, then cleaning for another six hours, but at least you got one hour of relaxing time with your family. Sound realistic? Happy Thanksgiving!

If you come from a family that considers pumpkin pie a vegetable, gravy a beverage or a food coma a perfect opportunity to get out of doing dishes, let me offer a few tips to help not completely reverse your year of good eating…

  1. Don’t overeat. I know overeating is a national sport or ours, but refrain from overeating. Instead wrap the extras up for leftovers that no one will eat. I promise, you not finishing your plate will have no bearing on the starving kids of Africa. But what will make a difference is you donating to starving kids in Africa by using the app called “share a meal”. (It’s on the iPhone)
  2. Make everything fresh. Avoid processed stuff. Especially anything that comes out of can that jiggles and looks like the can (eh hum…cranberry “sauce”)
  3. Make your stuffing less wallpaper by using gluten free bread. We have some if you need it.
  4. A good thing to remember is that wine is not a food group unto it’s own. Even if your mother-in-law drives you to drink
  5. To avoid having to set your scale back 10 pounds this holiday, use your plate as a guide, as in only put on the plate what fits on the plate without piling. Oh, and squeeze on a vegetable somewhere. Preferable a vegetable that doesn’t have the word “cake” directly following it.
  6. Help with the dishes, it is just a nice thing to do and will at least getting a little exercise.

So a more serious note as a chef I feel as though I should offer just a bit of advice for those of you actually cooking the meal. There a few tips to help you avoid being relegated to the “just bring the bag of ice person.”

  1. Make sure your turkey is done. Completely. Use a thermometer, and for goodness sake, make sure it is turned on.
  2. If you are going to stuff your turkey, Stuff your turkey from the bottom and not through the beak, it will go much faster.
  3. (If you are stuffing a turkey) make sure the stuffing reaches 165 degrees. Salmonella is the gift that keeps on giving…
  4. Keep it simple stupid. It is not just a saying. Well, it IS a saying, but it is also useful in the kitchen, don’t overreach. Cook what you are comfortable cooking. And if that is not green-bean casserole, simple roasted green beans are just as good.
  5. Do not stuff your turkey with Prozac, no matter how much you don’t like your family.

Above all, have a good time, enjoy your family and friends. This is that time of year. Be smart about your intake, remember old adage? Calories in, calories out.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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