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Home Delivery Meals



One of the downsides to home delivery food in Kansas City MO (specifically through websites) is that you often order more online than you would in the store. Restaurant sites have found ways to tempt buyers into ordering even more food with ‘tack on a side!’ pop-ups and food advertisement hoops that you have to jump through to even get to the checkout. The best part about Paleo meal delivery in Kansas City MO is that your portions have already been determined for optimal nutritious value.

Trying New Foods

The benefit to Paleo meal delivery in Kansas City MO is that it gives you the opportunity to try new foods without having to hunt down ingredients in a specialty market or go out on a limb for a meal that serves eight people. Food home delivery has grown in popularity as convenience is beginning to take precedence over cost. Plus, there are now so many options for what types of foods you can have delivered right to your door. From vegan to Ethiopian to Paleo, you can get home deliveries for any diet restrictions or foreign food preferences.

Is Cooking Less Healthy?

Even though you might think that cooking at home would be healthier, Brad Appelhans, associate professor in the Department of Preventative Medicine, says “when you’re making fabulous gourmet dishes from scratch, you may be tempted to eat more”. That, and a recipe typically feeds six people. If you have a lot of leftover food, it’s more tempting to overeat. The further in advance that you make your eating decisions, the healthier your choices tend to be. You’re not distracted by other, more unhealthy foods when you have a list that you’re going off online. One study even found that women who ordered online through a supermarket delivery service for eight weeks and went to behavioral weight-loss therapy had better diet patterns than the women who did only the therapy. The women who received their groceries online had fewer fatty foods in their home and a generally smaller amount of food. These women also experienced the greatest weight-loss success.

Time for Exercise

Another study by Ohio State University found that people who made their own food had less time to exercise. Since we only have 45 minutes a day to engage in healthy behaviors, the time spent grocery shopping and cooking healthy food can be allocated to exercise instead. Paleo meal delivery in Kansas City MO gives you the time to take care of your body without having to worry about your dietary rules in the grocery store.

Portion Control

Home delivery meals also help prevent overeating, since they’re only made for single servings. Instead of eating larger portions to prevent leftovers, you eat just the right amount. Not buying food in bulk means you don’t have to worry about your perishable ingredients expiring (an especially annoying issue for single people). A study that looked at geographic body mass index between 1990 and 2010 noticed a correlation between the number of box stores and warehouse-style food retailers and the obesity rates of the surrounding area. When people think they’re getting a bargain, they tend to buy more. When the thing they’re buying in bulk is junk food, this can have negative consequences.

Stick with Your Diet

Home food delivery is so popular not just because of the convenience, but also because of the health benefits. These types of companies use fresh ingredients, and, in the case of Paleo meal delivery in Kansas City MO, they help you stay on track with your diets. Even though there are Paleo cookbooks on Amazon and guides online, it still takes a lot of work to find a grocer that has the ingredients you need and to cook the meals (even though most Paleo dishes are relatively easy to make).

Prevent Food Waste

A major benefit to purchasing non-perishable foods (meal deliveries) is that you don’t have to worry about wasting food. The truth is that 40% of the food produced in the U.S. ends up in the trash. The largest source of food waste is individuals in the home, who lose $1,500 each year on food that gets thrown away. 50% of all produce in the U.S. is thrown away. That’s 60 million tons worth of produce each year. Even worse, wasted food gets put into landfills which, as they decompose, produce the greenhouse gas methane. The Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency has created the country’s first waste-reduction goal to lower the country’s food waste by 50% by the year 2030. Aesthetic guidelines set by grocery stores have also resulted in greater waste—people throw out ‘ugly’ food that may be entirely nutritious. Paleo meal delivery in Kansas City MO helps reduce this number by sending you proportioned meals that won’t result in any waste. Home delivery food in general is a great way to help this problem.

Ugly Produce Gets No Love

Food is cheaper in the U.S. than several other countries, causing wasted food to be a part of our culture. We also expect our food to look aesthetically pleasing, so deformed food gets thrown out. If our fruits and vegetables are browned, wilted, or discolored, it ruins our appetites. According to The Guardian, “vast quantities of fresh produce grown in the U.S. are left in the field to rod, fed to livestock or hauled directly from the field to landfill because of unrealistic and unyielding cosmetic standards”. This need for beautiful food can be traced to the recent obsession with putting filtered and airbrushed photos of food on Instagram— “camera cuisine” as it were. Food has become like art, with some Instagram accounts dedicated solely to displaying their beautiful, edible creations. This presents an issue once we start applying these standards to everything we eat—just because it has a weird bump doesn’t mean it will kill you! This global issue can be helped by improving food efficiency, recycling, decoding food labels, and finding ways to get food to the 1/6 Americans that need it. Some companies, like Imperfect Produce, try to make the most of ‘deformed’ produce by selling it at a discount price. Countries like France have banned supermarkets from throwing away food, instead offering compost or donations as an alternative.

Booming Market

Meal delivery boxes started gaining popularity in 2012 and are now a $400 million market. It’s expected to increase tenfold over the next five years, but for now there are more than 100 meal delivery services in the U.S. Prices for meal delivery services typically start around $60/week, though these services send ingredients for you to make the meal yourself. Paleo meal delivery in Kansas City MO is different because we deliver meals that are already made. Companies like Blue Apron have subscribers sign up online and schedule/skip their deliveries each week depending on the pre-planned menus.

Intricacies of Meal Delivery Kits

According to an article by Inbound Logistics, meal delivery kits are beneficial for local farmers as well as the consumers. They have a consistent, steady stream of consumers thanks to larger companies that assemble the meal kits and market their services. This can make things tricky for the larger companies though, since some of them work with dozens of smaller suppliers to make their operation a possibility. Once the food arrives at the food companies’ facilities, they then have to be divided prepared, packaged, and put into meal kits. An even bigger challenge is keeping these kits hot/cold and secure before they’re distributed. Plus, everything must occur at an expedited pace. Keep in mind that these meal kit companies have to stay on top of safety as well. If an ingredient in a meal kit is later found to have carried a health risk (ie: listed contamination), the company will need to be able to trace the source and destinations to protect the business.

The Future of Home Delivery Food in Kansas City MO

Some companies have started talking about the possibility of using outside services, like Uber or Amazon, to deliver their meal kits. Drones may also be an option to ensure traffic jams don’t get in the way of your meal being delivered on time. It’s an industry that’s had tremendous growth in the last few years, but isn’t expected to keep up the growth rate for much longer. Since few marketers have the ability to scale nationally, it’s expected that many of the smaller meal kit companies will either go out of business or join together. Home delivery food in Kansas City MO is currently a smaller market, but specialty companies (like Paleo meal delivery in Kansas City MO) ensure there’s an option for any dietary restriction or goal.


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