How to Shop Paleo

Easy to bake, fast to finish! This new article explains why organic, gluten free recipes are the best thing since slide bread!

fruit-918979_1920Many people have a difficult time starting the Paleo lifestyle. The Paleo lifestyle puts restrictions on some foods that most newbies couldn’t live without. The most challenging place where newbies slip up is at the grocery store. Let us help you stay strong by following these simple tips!


Going to the grocery store

Temptation takes over on an empty stomach. Going to the grocery store hungry is like going into the gym wearing your going out clothes. Nothing good will come out of it. If you are going to the store for you dinner supplies, make sure to eat a light snack that has plenty of protein in it. The protein will hold you over long enough to purchase the supplies you need.

While you are in the store

Start your shopping adventure in the produce aisle. It may be more expensive, but we suggest purchasing organic. Most other fresh fruits and veggies could have been made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMOs are not natural! A tomato can be grown perfectly, but in most cases the perfect red tomato you are looking at in the popular supermarkets where not grown naturally. The Paleo lifestyle urges you to purchase natural foods that are also grown naturally.
header-1The best place to find organically grown produce is to ditch the supermarket and check out the farmer’s market. Local farmers usually have better prices and better products. Purchasing from a local farmer also helps them make a living! Support local and buy locally at the farmer’s market near you. Most cities have their own farmer’s market. Kansas City has a farmer’s market every Saturday morning down at River Market. For a neighborhood, you may want to check out the local newspaper. Most suburb newspapers feature a farmer’s market ad. Start making Paleo work for you! If you’re new to Paleo, we believe that you can stay strong by shopping strong.


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