An Idea for Football Season

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As we all know the 2016 football season is now upon us. That means sitting for longer lengths of time on Saturdays and Sundays, plus and increased caloric consumption with or without even knowing. Here are two good, simple, and effective ideas for how to increase your fitness or caloric burn during the pigskin season.


  1. When watching the game, every time a timeout is called or commercial comes on start moving. The average commercial break is only 2 min in length. So much fitness can happen in 2 min. Try planking, squatting, or doing push up for 2 min straight…pretty challenging. Incorporate the kiddos as well to create a fun game and set good healthy principles.
  2. Create a betting game between the spectators you are around. If your team scores have the opponent’s team do 10 burpees. The more lead a team takes the opponent’s team must complete longer fitness challenges. Ex: Whoever’s team wins today gets to time the opponent, as the loser must run a mile post game!


Create or apply any movement to make one more small step towards health…not away from it! You can be creative making these bets or challenges for your friends and family.


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