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We are almost 10 days in on 2020, we are all ready to make our resolutions. So many of us wake up on New Year’s Day and vow to “diet.” We are sure this is the year we will lose 50 pounds. So we get up and clean out all the Christmas candy, buy some low-fat cheese and read blog much like this one that says some wonder “diet” will be the one that really works. Except, we all know how this ends. Nobody likes low-fat cheese. Instead, this new year, how about we resolve to work together and change lifestyles. No more “dieting” for the 12th time. There’s ways to change diets without “dieting.” There’s ways to eat healthy without that low-fat cheese. Evolve has the tools to help you on your way feeling better, looking healthier and building that improved lifestyle that is really what people mean when they say they plan to start a “diet” the first week of January.

Let’s look at some of the more popular “diets” out there and see how they really are just a healthier way of eating that has added bonuses of you looking and feeling better once you get in the groove.


The Keto “diet” took off in popularity back in the last century, but it is tried and true as a way to improve your health. Our Keto plan is similar to our Paleo plan but includes more fats and less starchy carbs. Great for burning fat, this low-carb, high-fat way of eating can kick-start weight loss and give you fast results. Keeping it as a lifestyle will have fantastic health benefits down the road, like less chance of getting diabetes (or controlling it if you are already there).


Evolve was built on the Paleo “diet”. Paleo is just a way of eating that harkens back to what the first hominids ate as hunters and gatherers back in the Cradle of Humankind. Of course, the food has evolved with the rest of us homo sapiens, but if you are looking for simple, tasty dishes with real ingredients and no processed crap, look for Paleo. Think fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, seeds and berries. There’s no grains here because hunters and gatherers didn’t settle down and farm for another millennia.

Evolve 30

Our Evolve 30 plan is a great way to rev up your resolution for a healthier lifestyle in 2020. It eliminates most allergens so it truly helps you wipe your “dieting” slate clean so you can start anew. Stick with it for 30 days, eat lots of healthy veggies, avoid wheat, dairy, sugar, soy and grains. After that first month you can transition to Keto or Paleo and start adding in more foods to see how your body responds.

All of these “diets” are truly just a better way of eating that will improve your health, your looks, the way you feel. We all know we can’t sit around all day eating french fries and chocolate kisses and expect to look and feel our best. That’s why during these first few days of a new year we look for the magic wand to wave to make everything better.

Unfortunately there is no magic “diet” you can stay on for two weeks that will undo all the poor choices from the past. But, if you view your resolution as one step toward a new lifestyle, everything really will begin to improve.

If you can’t commit fully to a new “diet” try adding one Evolve meal a day. Bring it for lunch and save on fast food prices too. Add an extra vegetable to your dinner instead of the side of bread. Every choice makes a difference and each difference leads to a healthier and better you going forward. You can do this! We are there for you if you need some help along the way. Here’s to 2020 and healthy new year!


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