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The paleo era was the healthiest era for us humans; the era that we, as beings, were our most healthy. Since its inception, Evolve Paleo Chef, has evolved into a small home personal chef service that offers a whole-body solution. Read More

When it comes to achieving your goals whether it comes to weight loss, weight-gain, or restricted diets, Paleo Chef has you covered. Based in Kansas City, owners Dr. Jason Fechter and chef Caleb Summers have created an expeditious health food meal delivery company that has an on-staff doctor, an on-staff trainer, and a variety of trained culinary chefs.

Evolve Paleo chef has expanded to seven cities from its original home here in Kansas City and has become the city’s main paleo meal delivery service in Kansas City. This clean eating company is committed to providing its clients with the most nutritious foods money can buy.
Having a fresh meal delivery that involves non-processed food is the best we can do for our bodies, which is why we are dedicated to fusing the goodness of the Paleolithic era with the modern conveniences of today; That allows us to create dishes that you will love with ingredients you can pronounce.
This convenient food home delivery service in Kansas City is revolutionizing the way we view food. The many health benefits to eating paleo could not only help your body get in better shape, but help with stress and body inflammation just to mention a couple. When foods such as dairy and processed sugars are consumed, they dampen the immune systems and throw your fluid retention off. This can cause the body to no longer work as optimally as it should, and this could allow disease and illness to set in.
Born and raised in Kansas City, we’re so proud to be the best paleo food in town and the most trusted meal delivery service in Kansas City. Revolutionizing the way, you view food. We look forward to delivering fresh food to you and are sure you’ll love having the best home delivery food in Kansas City at your door.

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