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We are excited to be serving the people of Lowell and providing them with the best paleo meal delivery in Lowell, AR. Our company is leading the always changing food industry movement and is at the top of the paleo industry with the best home personal chef service in the Midwest. Read More

Based in Kansas City, KS, owners Dr. Jason Fechter and chef Caleb Summers have developed Evolve into a company that provides weekly food delivery in Lowell, AR and six other areas around the Midwest that have contributed to its quick and overwhelming success. With an on-staff doctor and an on-staff trainer in addition a multitude of trained culinary chefs, our food delivery offers are one of a kind and truly tailored to your specific needs. Whether said needs are to lose weight, gain weight, or just change your diet, we’ve got you covered.
Becoming, the meal delivery service in Lowell that people trust and know has always been our goal, but more-so spreading knowledge on what healthy eating does to your body and the benefits of eating like our hunting and gathering ancestors did before us. Dying from what we eat is the last thing we want, yet that is what we are seeing day after day.
Monitoring what we eat with a closer eye will be helpful when creating a plan to reach your goals, and turn your eating habits and life around. We create all our meals by fusing the goodness of the ingredients available to us in the Paleolithic era and the modern conveniences of today to create dishes that we know you’ll love and will always be grain, dairy and refined sugar free.
We are excited to truly be Lowell Arkansas best home delivery food service, today and for many more years to come. Call us if you have any questions regarding our products, services, or the paleo lifestyle.

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