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Evolve Juicery & Kitchen is a unique company where we offer you and your family a whole-body solution. We’re bringing paleo back, and yes, it’s going to look sexy. With an on-staff doctor and an on-staff trainer, Evolve is the only home delivery food service in Omaha, NE that offers the whole package to its customers. Read More

Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain weight, or you just need some help due to a restricted diet, we’ve got you covered.
Evolve has become a leader in the paleo home delivery service industry and with weekly food delivery in Omaha, NE, they’re quickly becoming Omaha’s healthy choice. From its origins in Royal’s country, Evolve Paleo Chef has seen quick growth and acceptance from its customers allowing it to expand to seven cities and become the trusted provider of weekly meals throughout the Midwest region.
Our company is dedicated to bringing back the healthy habits that kept us alive in the Paleolithic era, when humans lived healthier lifestyles, had no medicine, but didn’t die from the foods they were eating. We dedicate ourselves to fusing the goodness of the foods available to humans back then, with the modern conveniences of today to create dishes that we know you’ll come to love. We are committed to bringing you the most nutritious products that money can buy. Are we 100% organic? No. And really, there is no need to be! We have a preconceived notion of what it means to be organic, and we’re here to break that. Do you think it means no pesticides? Wrong. It means that it did not get sprayed with synthetic pesticides. But did you know that some natural pesticides are more toxic than some of its chemically altered synthetic cousins? At the end of the day, organic or not, the pesticides are there.
We are so excited and proud to have this phenomenal delivery food service in Omaha, NE and provide its people with health-conscious options when it comes to food. We look forward to meeting you and answering all the questions you may have about paleo meals or even if you’re looking for a quick paleo recipe… we got you.

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