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Here at Evolve Paleo Chef we strive to provide your body with the most wholesome and delicious foods that resemble the diet we would have followed in the Paleolithic era, when we hunted and gathered all our foods. Our foods are based on the three principles of: no grain, no dairy, and no refined sugars. Read More

Providing the best food home delivery service in Tulsa, OK is what we strive for daily. We bring you the best ingredients possible, because we only purchase and work with the best ingredients to create the highest quality products possible.
We’ve seen tremendous growth since Evolve first started in Royal country in Missouri, we’ve added an on-staff doctor and an on-staff trainer as well as various classically trained culinary chefs. In fact, we’re the only paleo meal delivery company to provide said experts to our clients, and it’s all due to promise we make to you to fully help you achieve your goals, whether they be to lose weight, gain weight, or to adapt to a restricted diet, Evolve has you covered.
The food industry is ever evolving, and we’re leading the way when it comes to home delivery food in Tulsa, OK and food quality. From our wild caught fish, to our grass-fed beef, and cage-free eggs, we truly strive to keep our clients as healthy as possible and shy away from the processed food that have slowed our bodies, and shaped our society the past several decades.
From our wild caught fish, to our grass-fed beef, we truly strive to provide the best paleo home delivery food service in Tulsa, OK. Let us provide you with the energy and nutrients you need through either pick-up or food delivery service. Evolve Paleo Chef is dedicated to fusing the goodness of the food groups available to us back in the hunting and gathering times with the modern conveniences of today to create dishes and products that you’ll love. Cooking with ingredients we can pronounce and that we know will provide you with the energy and nutrients you need is what keeps us going and has made us the premier paleo meal delivery in Tulsa, OK.

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