New Year, Here We Grow Again

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What is it that you always hear about people from Kansas City? That they are the nicest people you will lenexa Temporary Pop upever meet. It’s not with just family, friends and visitors, you see it’s within the community and local businesses as well. Right now we are getting to be part of that KC love! As many of you know our Lenexa location is closing on Thursday, but our new location at 135th & Pflumm is not quite ready yet. So we get to have this AMAZING full circle moment with another KC Biz Wiener Kitchen.


The owners Dave Derr and Jessica Rush of Weiner Kitchen were actually Chef Caleb’s culinary instructors and became his mentors. Evolve was started and began to grow, Dave and Jessica started the Wiener Kitchen and needed a space to cook their food. They actually started cooking in the Evolve Kitchen until they found their own space. Its not everyday chefs share their kitchens but you know that KC Kindness…


Directions from Lenexa Evolve

With our Lenaxa store closing, many of you have heard and are excited about our new location going in at 135th & Pflumm, but it’s not quite ready for us to move in. We found ourselves in a bit of a predicament of how to continue to serve our OP clients. “KC Kindness” steps in again, this time it’s Wiener Kitchen helping us provide a store front for all of you! For the next 3ish weeks, we will be holding a Temporary Pop Up shop, you can pick up your online orders on Sundays, as well as meals and your favorite pantry items (hint… hint… Life Changing Ranch). But our hours will be a little different, it will be business as usual on Sunday’s (10-8) and Monday’s and Tuesday’s (10-6),┬áthe rest of the week you can stop by and try out Wiener Kitchens delicious food!


Thursday is our last day at Lenexa, a location that has been the backbone of Evolve for 5 years, but we have been quite literally busting out of our kitchen space and will now be able to provide TWO locations to all you Johnson Country folks! We are excited!!
First will be
Evolve South Overland Park,
Located at 13309 W. 135th Street
Overland Park, KS 66213
OPENING in the beginning of April

Next will be
Evolve Downtown OP
7201 W. 80th Street
Overland Park, KS 66204
In the lower level shopping district of the Vue Apartments

Thank you so much Kansas City for being such a great place to create our headquarters, and essentially helping us evolve into the company we are! We plan on opening more Evolve locations around the KC area and across the US! So be on the look out for an EVOLUTION in your area!


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