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New Year, More Information: Vitamins and Supplements for Ketosis

We are currently at the beginning of another fabulous Keto Challenge. We all know that the keto diet touts multiple benefits such as weight loss, lower cholesterol, increased energy and focus (just to name a few). What we don’t usually mention are the struggles that can present themselves in the early stages of your transition into this killer lifestyle. Even though the rewards and results far outweigh the initial hiccups, they still occur. Some of them are just part of the process, but others can be made less intense with the help of some common vitamins and supplements.

Probioticvitamins and keto

Probiotics work with the digestive tract. We have both good and bad bacteria in the gut, and both are necessary. When we have poor dietary habits, our bodies typically have more bad bacteria and less good bacteria. Probiotics help to even out the playing field.
Best taken: Anytime

Vitamin D3

This must be taken with food because it’s a lipid soluble vitamin. Vitamin D helps with mental clarity and hormone health. Symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency are fatigue, general aches and pains, frequent infections, and bone weakness.
Best taken: In the morning, with food

Vitamin B12

This can help give you energy when you are feeling sluggish, especially if you are deficient. It also helps provide the body with energy to produce red blood cells. Symptoms of B12 deficiency are; extreme fatigue, numbness/tingling in limbs, weakness, irritability or depression.
Best taken: In the morning


Magnesium is a muscle relaxer and helps to speed up muscle recovery. It is a co-binder for Vitamin D to help increase bone health. It can also help reduce muscle cramps.
Best taken: In the evening

Fish Oil

Fish oil helps with bone and joint health. It also helps support serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is a chemical produced by nerve cells and is the body’s natural mood balancer.
Best taken: Anytime

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