Paleo AIP (Auto-Immune Protocol)

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Over the past few weeks we have had more and more requests for AIP (autoimmune protocol) meal options.  Just like the Paleo lifestyle, there are a few variations.  At Evolve we like to follow the AIP created by Dr. Terry Wahls.  Dr. Wahls was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and reached a point of living from a tilt reclining wheel chair.  Dr. Wahls knew that there was more to life, that medications were simply a band aid and that there had to be a link between her health and the food she consumed.  After several years she was able to not only decrease the expression of her symptoms but she was also able to return to her career.  After healing herself with food, she obtained a grant to not only write but to research her new protocol, “The Wahls Protocol”.


The Wahls Protocol, (a book I strongly recommend you check out), focuses on the principle that autoimmune disease is a combination of genetic predisposition, food we consume, environment we live in, current and past history of illness, toxins, etc.  Autoimmune diseases include; arthritis, ciliac, chrohn’s, Hashimoto’s, diabetes, fibromyalgia, lyme disease and the list goes on.


Many will tell you, and the research from Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D. will tell you that the first and most important step is to start on a very strict Paleo Diet by eliminating processed sugars, diary and wheat.  After you have managed this first step, it goes even further.  The next items to eliminate are; nuts, seeds, chocolate, eggs and nightshades.  This process is going to be a little more difficult.


The team at Evolve focuses on the Paleo Lifestyle, which is the first and most important step in changing your health.  However, we don’t always have a huge and diverse strict AIP menu and that’s something we’re working on creating.  The Paleo diet is often heavy in nuts and eggs, but there are certainly options that don’t include those items.  We always suggest making a special request by simply selecting the item and making your request “please eliminate nightshades”, if our team is not able to accommodate, we will make contact via phone to determine the best option for you.


Remember, start with a Paleo diet first, then slowly eliminate the above items (nuts, seeds, chocolate, eggs and nightshades) until you are on a strict AIP diet.  For additional recommendations such as the type of fruits and vegetables, bone broths, etc that would be helpful in your journey, check out The Wahls Protocol or shoot me an email.


The goal is always the same, do just a little better today than you did yesterday.


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