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I took my parents out for their 42nd anniversary. They wanted to go somewhere “not fancy” which means go to a place that has food that they recognize. I guess they were tired of going to my favorite chef places. We went to a local, family owned steak house that has been in the KC area for 50 years. They had a plaque on their wall that says someone (clearly without taste buds) ranked them as “Top 10 Steaks in the Country.” They also had a banner out front that awarded them “Restauranteur of the Year”, this is probably true.


When my parents said “not fancy” they didn’t mean cheap. This place had the décor of 1980 and the prices of Ruth Chris in 2019. Let’s start with the salad. It was the same iceberg lettuce mix that sells for $1.50 a bag at Price Chopper. The bread service was Texas Toast. Not off to a great start. I am doing keto so I got green beans with my $42 steak, “fresh” green beans. Apparently, by fresh, they mean fresh out of the can with a limp onion and a morsel of bacon. People….if you are going to serve an egregiously priced steak, you best be sautéing some fresh green beans.


Now, let’s contrast that with Evolve. You will not find a $42 steak here. You really won’t find any steak here in the traditional sense; mainly because steak doesn’t reheat well. But you WILL find fresh vegetables. Everything is fresh. We snap our own green beans, we make our own salad mix, our own dressing and every recipe is original. I just saw 12 cases of cauliflower roll by for cauli rice, a few guys are chopping 15 cases of broccoli by hand. If you want fresh vegetables, we have them!


I may not be restauranteur of the year (and that guy was probably because he can get people to pay $42 for a steak and serve them $.75 worth of side dish.) If the qualification is to make a great food cost, I will never be. I am always into giving people more. We make everything from scratch, nothing is frozen…ever. I am so into fresh produce that we make a special trip to Chicago each week to get the freshest produce! Nobody else can say that. I believe that fresh is the best and I think it shows in our food. I hope you think so!


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