Retiring, but Still Evolving

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There’s this thing called a stage’. It’s a French culinary term for a working interview. I’ve never worked in the food industry before. Well, except for the Kool Aide stand that I had in the early 60’s. So, Evolve requires a stage’ in the retail stores. I had the worst stage’ in the history of the culinary arts. When I say “Culinary Arts” I mean making juice and smoothies for you beautiful people. So my working interview was really BAD!! There’s this big walk in cooler. And I was asked to get something out of it. I went in. I didn’t know how to get out. I was looking for the door knob or handle. There are none in a walk in. Someone came to my rescue and showed me. “You just push the door”. Ohh.

I went back the next day asking for a chance. “Please. I need to work. I will work harder than anyone. And I’ll have a great attitude. I really NEED to work.” I went back again. And again. Finally I think I wore the poor manager down and he hired me.

I have loved what I do. I have tried to take ownership. Crossroads is my store. You are my people. My intention has always been to try to make customers feel just a little bit better about themselves or their day than when they walked in. Big smiles. Big Love. And often Big Talk. I remember conducting a little survey asking customers “What makes you feel expansive? Alive?” That was so fun!

I have seen Evolve evolve over the years. Jason and Caleb have been great to me! I love them both! And I must mention Becky! Thanks Becky! Evolve provides such a great service! It’s like a healthy fast food. Everyone wants to eat healthier but it takes time and a lot of effort. Unless you use Evolve. We make it easy. Easy is good. It’s been a real pleasure watching Evolve grow. There’s been a lot of growing pains but I see the company hitting a stride! And I am grateful to have played a small part. I’m an Evolver, proud to say. And now it’s time for me to not work. I will miss you all. Keep Evolving! And if you are wondering how I am just know that I AM JACKED ON THE JUICE, BABY!!

Big Love, 

Rob Robertson



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