Staying on the Wagon

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It’s that time.  The holidays are coming to a close and everyone is starting to think ahead to the new year and all of the potential it holds.  Many of us have decided that 2017 will hold a new job, a new house, or even a new body.  Unfortunately, many people set such high goals for themselves, it’s almost impossible to reach them and they inevitably “fall off the wagon”.

We have all seen that spike in gym attendance in January.  Everyone is in trying to work off that holiday weight and start their new lifestyle.  They have convinced themselves that this will be the year they finally become healthy and fit.  They have googled and pinned the workouts, the diet plans, the beach bodies they strive for and they are ready for it.  Despite the intention, not everyone sticks with it and the gym population generally returns to normal around March.  But what happens to everyone?  I’m sure there are a few new members that reach their goals and continue their healthy lifestyle, but most do not.

There are several reasons people fail to reach their weight loss goals.  I believe a very common one is that the bar is set too high.  You need to not only determine what is attainable, but what is maintainable. It is one thing to reach your goal and another to keep it going.  If you are sitting down trying to figure out where you want to be, make sure it’s a place you know how to get to.  Look at where you’d like to end up, make a plan, and set smaller goals for yourself along the way.  It’s much more encouraging to hit those milestones.  Getting fit and staying fit isn’t easy.  It takes hard work and determination, but the payoff is worth it and you will be rewarded with good health and toned muscles.

That being said, push yourself, but don’t pick a workout that you hate.  If you dread getting out of bed every morning to work out, it is not likely you’re going to make this your new routine.  The great thing about exercising is that you don’t have to belong to a gym to do it.  Your options are a little more limited when it’s cold outside, but there are so many activities to help you reach your goals.  The important thing is to find something you love about your new routine.  It should challenge you, but it should also be something that you look forward to and something that makes you feel great after you’ve accomplished it.  It will leaving you feeling satisfied, yet looking forward to another session.  And eventually, it will become your new lifestyle.  Stay. On. That. Wagon!


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