The Magic that is Garlic

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There are certain foods that are not only delicious but also have a medicinal affect.  Garlic is one of those foods.  People have used garlic in their diet for thousands of years to help ease ailments.  It is only now that science is catching up to what people have believed for a long time.  Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This just means that there is ways to incorporate certain foods into your life that will help you prevent sickness and help certain illnesses.  It was said that Hippocrates the physician prescribed garlic for numerous illnesses.

Garlic is one of those foods that can be very versatile in its use.  It has a very strong and distinct smell to it.  This smell comes from the compound allicin, which is only released when the garlic clove is crushed or cut.  The most beneficial form is raw garlic or low heat used only, as it doesn’t alter the allicin compound.

Allicin, specifically, has been studied and shown to help fight the common cold.  It helps boost the body’s immune system, while also reducing symptoms.  Allicin also has an affect on the body’s blood pressure, thus, improving all over cardiovascular health.  The amount of allicin needed to help a person with high blood pressure would be equivalent to four cloves per day.  Garlic also has sulfur in it, which contributes to that strong smell.  The sulfur is very helpful with protecting the body from heavy metal toxicity in the blood.

Garlic is anti-inflammatory, antibactierial, contains antioxidants, as well as many vitamins and minerals and enzymes.  To get therapeutic benefits, it can be taken raw or cooked ( as long as the clove has been crushed or cut before the cooking process), used in oil form or in supplement form.  Some people do not love the taste or smell of garlic and would rather take it everyday in supplement form.  This allows them to receive the positive affects of allicin without the taste or having garlic breath!  Garlic oil is very popular for many people with earaches.  Putting a few drops of garlic oil in an achy or infected ear will help reduce symptoms due to the antibacterial properties.

One old “wives tale” remedy is to mince up garlic until it becomes paste-like.  Then take the paste and rub it on your chest or put on the bottom of your feet, under some thick socks at night.  This releases all the oils and amazing healing properties, which are then soaked into your pores.  Many people use this to stop a cold, or help a cough.  Another remedy to help fight a cold, is to smash about 4 cloves of garlic. Then chop up a whole onion.  Put both in a pan on low heat until they start to caramelize.  Then at that point put in raw, local honey, just enough that it covers the onion and garlic.  Let this simmer until the honey becomes more liquid.  You can strain this or just store as is in a jar and keep refrigerated.  Taking this everyday, a spoonful or so, will help boost your immune system


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