The Nonphysical Benefits of the Paleo Lifestyle

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The Paleo Lifestyle affects so much more than your outward appearance

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-3-15-13-pmWe all know the incredible physical benefits the Paleo lifestyle has to offer. From weight loss and toning, to better skin and hair, getting the proper nutrition can certainly help enhance your outward appearance and overall physical health. However, there is a plethora of nonphysical benefits of the Paleo lifestyle that many begin to notice once they go Paleo. Eating the right foods and exercising can have a significant effect on your mental and internal health, helping you achieve both a better body and mind at the same time. A few of the not outwardly noticed, or nonphysical benefits of the paleo lifestyle include:

Better Sleep

The Paleo Lifestyle advocates the consumption of natural, non-processed foods. When you cut out the hormone and chemical additives in typical foods, your body is more responsive to the natural chemicals it releases to make you tired (i.e. serotonin). Many who follow the Paleo lifestyle find that they go to bed earlier and naturally wake up earlier more refreshed and energized than ever before—like our Paleolithic ancestors.

Disease Prevention

Herb-Ghee-Front-510x600The anti-inflammatory properties of the foods emphasized in the Paleo lifestyle may help prevent a host of diseases. Paleo-ers are also eating foods that contain more antioxidants, providing even more protection against diseases. Leading a Paleo lifestyle may be able to help prevent cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and more. Anti-inflammatory foods include: fish, nuts, dark greens, sweet potatoes, and more. One of the best nonphysical benefits of the Paleo lifestyle disease prevention, as anti-inflammatory foods are so incredibly good for you. Try cooking with one of Evolve Paloe’s delicious Paleo Ghees that can help reduce inflammation!

Improved Mood

healthy-fruits-morning-kitchenA few studies have suggested that omega 3s have a positive effect on those suffering from depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Lucky for you, the Paleo diet is full of omega 3s. Some foods packed with omega 3s include: flaxseed, a wide variety of fish, nuts, and many more. Omega 3 supplements do exist, but it’s likely that you’ll be getting enough just from the foods you are eating. If you’re looking for a quick Paleo snack that contains omega 3s, try Evolve Paleo’s signature Paleo Balls!

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At Evolve Paleo Chef, we are aware of the total body and mind effects leading a Paleo lifestyle can have. We seek to create foods that provide our customers with these benefits while also giving them delicious, chef-inspired meals to help them enjoy their new healthy lifestyle. Shop for more of our Paleo foods on our website here!


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  1. After just a week of eating your great food, my stomach feels so much better than in the past .

    Thanks for bringing Paleo to Tulsa

    • Thank you so much for such an awesome response! We do what we do to get these results! I also love that I know people are being sincere, because when I switched to Paleo, my life changed for the better! I am more comfortable and confident in the way I feel than every before in my life!

      Have a lovely day and please call us if you ever have an issue at all!

      Evan Leitnaker
      Client Coordinator

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