The What and the Why of Paleo

Easy to bake, fast to finish! This new article explains why organic, gluten free recipes are the best thing since slide bread!

The Paleo lifestyle is designed to mimic a “caveman” diet. What does the “caveman” diet mean? It’s simple! Simply eat how our ancestors used to eat their meals. Cut out the unnatural food from your system to start feeling the benefits! Changing to the Paleo lifestyle means that you will have to cute out dairy, sugar, and gluten. These three elements are considered “unnatural”.

dairy freeDairy

Dairy is any product related to milk, cheese, and yogurt. Think about it: human babies stop drinking their mother’s milk around their first birthday. Similarly, baby animals stop relying on their mother’s milk within their first couple of months. Human nature is still animal nature. Humans are not meant to rely on dairy for a main source of nutrients. Nutrients found in dairy are easily found in other natural foods.


Sugar has powerful impacts on a person’s way of life. In some extreme cases, people can become addicted to processed sugar. The sugar found in fruits are okay because those are natural sugars. Sugar found in icing, breakfast cereal, and other processed foods contain crazy amounts of sugar! If you are wanting to cut sugar out of your diet, look to cut it out within 21 days. Make sure to seek support during your sugar detox. Having people around you who support you can help your success rate.

grain freeGluten

Gluten is found in many foods. Bread, pasta, wheat, rye, barely, beer, and many other foods contain high amounts of gluten. Consuming higher amounts of gluten can weigh you down. Gluten causes inflammation which can cause your natural intestinal cells to die too early.

Switch to the Paleo lifestyle today for a healthier inner body. In addition to the Paleo lifestyle, it is important to exercise weekly to watch the effects of healthy eating.


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