Thirty Day Summer Reboot

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In the back of your mind do you ever just think, if I had 30 days of healthy food I could totally get back on track with eating healthy? Maybe you realize you have had one too many frozen cocktails over the summer and you need to cut back on your sugar intake. WE TOTALLY GET IT! That’s why we are giving you TWO DIFFERENT 30 Day Challenges! We have our ever popular Keto Challenge that kicks your body into Ketosis or our NEW Elimination Diet to help detox your body of all those processed foods and sugars, but with none of the meal planning, shopping, cooking, or kitchen clean up (which is the WORST) on your part. Because let’s be real, no one has time for any of that, besides there is only so much chicken and broccoli one can consume in 30 days without hating life. 

So here’s the D.L. on the difference between our Evolve 30 and the Evolve Keto Challenge. 

What is the Evolve 30?

Our Evolve 30 is an elimination “diet”, meaning we cut out the foods in your diet that are harming your body more than helping it. The challenge isn’t about losing weight—it’s about overcoming your own cravings, improving your mind and body, and proving to yourself that you can do it.

The Rules

The rules for the Evolve 30 challenge are that you eat moderate proportions of meat, seafood and eggs; plenty of vegetables; some fruit; natural fats; herbs, spices and seasonings. The fewer the ingredients the better. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, that’s normally a sign that the food is heavily processed. Besides eating certain foods, you also have to make sure to avoid certain foods. These prohibited items are sugar (real or artificial), alcohol, grains, legumes (even soy), dairy, carrageenan, MSG, sulfites, baked goods, and junk food. Dairy restrictions include cow, goat, or sheep’s milk. These no-no foods include pancakes, muffins, cookies, ice cream, commercially-prepared chips, french fries, and pizza crust. Did your mouth water just reading that list? There’s your problem.

How the Evolve 30 process works. You will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner, 50% off our supplements, invited to our Facebook group, and D.I.Y. challenge assessment kit if this is your first challenge. Fill out the form below and await your phone call to officially sign up!! The food comes twice a week, and you can choose to either pick up or have it delivered.

The Results 

 Even though it’s not about the weight loss, more than 95% of Evolve 30 participants lost weight and improved their body composition without counting their calories. Most people reported high energy levels, improved athletic performance, better sleep, better focus and mental clarity, and improved happiness! Sugar and carbohydrate cravings disappeared, and people even noticed that they had a healthier body image. They also noticed improvements in such ailments as type 1 diabetes, joint pain, ADD, chronic fatigue, bipolar disorder, and depression.

What is the Keto Challenge?

Our Keto Challenge can be utilized for a variety of reasons including decreased appetite and weight loss, cholesterol reduction, blood sugar maintenance, and is also being studied to determine additional potential medical benefits. The goal of eating keto is to get your body into a state of ketosis which means it will begin using fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. For this reason, you will begin burning your own body fat much more rapidly using a calorie deficit than you would with a carbohydrate-fueled diet. Because of the lack of carbs and sugars, your blood sugar doesn’t entertain the roller coaster of spikes and crashes it’s accustomed to, potentially reducing cravings as well as overall appetite. Decreased appetite is also due, in part, to the high percentage of fats you are consuming. You will feel fuller by eating less food, because the food itself is packed with good fats and fulfilling calories (unlike the ‘empty’ calories we are all familiar with in foods like candy, junk food and sugary drinks). Whatever your reason for choosing keto, there are still a couple of paths you can take. Keto macros are typically comprised of 70-75% fat, 20-25% protein and 5% carbs. There is no hard rule about dairy and it is left up each individual to decide whether or not to incorporate it into their diet. Dairy and animal fats can be a great way to pack those extra fat calories into your diet, but not everyone’s body handles dairy the same way. Paleo-keto (which we use for our Keto Challenge) uses the same macros but omits dairy. 

We couple our Keto Challenge with intermittent fasting for optimal weightless results. You will receive a AM snack, lunch, PM snack and dinner, 50% off our supplements, invited to our Facebook group, and D.I.Y. challenge assessment kit if this is your first challenge.The food comes twice a week, and you can choose to either pick up or have it delivered.

If you are ready to regain control over your health now is the time! Sign up here and for an added bonus if you sign up before July 18th your first day is on us! 


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