Watch Out for Easy Calories

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Many times when a person has a goal to lose weight, lose body fat, or just get healthier it comes with many speed bumps along the way. Usually this health track comes with adherence to a nutrition program with some different variation of watching what we intake (calories.)


Calories, whether we want to believe it or not, is energy for our body like gas is to a car. Without calories we cannot survive, however, they can also be over consumed very easily. Here is a short list of ways to avoid getting a ton of “easy” calories and possibly overeating:

  • Stay away from high calories drinks ex: pop/soda and cold coffees with lots of dairy and sugar.


  • Portion controlling or avoid dips. It is easy to be socializing while at the same time continuously grabbing more chips/veggies and dipping them in the high calorie but tasty dips. Before too long we spoiled our meal. It will always be wiser portioning out dip and walking away so once it’s gone, that’s it.



  • Unknowable snacking. This can happen when our meal sizes are not big enough and we get hungry easily between meals.


  • Being careful with fats such as nuts/seeds. Nuts and seeds are healthy. However with fat from a macronutrient standpoint nuts are about nine calories per gram. Now think about this: if we have a handful of nuts that’s about 15g of fat (135calories), and how easy it is to have more than one handful?


  • Avoiding desserts. Yes, we know desserts are awesome however do we really need an appetizer, main course, plus a dessert? Usually the desserts are the highest of calories density from those three courses anyway.


While is it more true what kind of calories you are consuming, the old adage “calories in, calories out” still applies. They can sneak up on us, you have to be on guard always. Making this a habit will serve you very well.


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