What are Sweet Potato Noodles?

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We get this question a lot. We use several different kinds of noodles at Evolve and the one we get the most is “What are sweet potato noodles?”


Sweet Potato noodles are a variety of cellephane noodles. Some other varieties that you may have seen are called mung bean noodles, glass noodles and vermicelli. 


But what are they made of?

Sweet potato noodles are made from Sweet Potato Starch and Water. 


What is the nutritional values?


Where can I find these to cook at home?

You can find these at most Asian markets. 


Why aren’t they orange like normal sweet potatoes?

To make sweet potato noodles they are only using the starch and water. There are also two different colors of sweet potatoes, white and orange. The orange ones are most common here in the US. But that is not always the case in the East.


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