What is Whole30?

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What is Whole30?


You may have been hearing a lot lately about the Whole 30 Diet. We are starting a Whole30 Challenge at Evolve this week. But what is Whole30? How is it different than Paleo? What is the goal? What does the food look like? Let me quickly explain.


Whole 30 is similar to Paleo in the fact that we know that certain foods are harmful to humans. We know that some people, in some cases, a lot of people, have allergies or sensitivities to foods. The Whole30 diet is designed to bring those to light in a personal way. It is basically an elimination diet. It takes all the common allergy foods and eliminates them for 30 days, then reintegrates then in such a way that after about 45 days, you will know what foods cause you issues.


So for 30 days, you eat only fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and seeds. You take out ALL grain products including quinoa and rice. You eliminate all dairy and you remove ALL sugars to include honey, pure maple syrup, agave and coconut sugar. You are left with a very base diet that you can build your own food profile upon.


What is just as important, or more important than the 30 days of “detox” is the reintegration of food in a scientific way by which you will know what things your body has a hard time dealing with. For instance, let’s say you do a strict Whole30 diet and then on day 31 you eat pizza. You feel awful (and you will.) What made you feel awful? The cheese? Or the wheat crust?  You don’t know. Maybe you have a sensitivity to wheat, but not cheese. See the problem?


When following a Whole30 plan, you not only do 30 days of clean food, you do about 2 more weeks of food reintegration. On day 31-33 you will eat a Whole30 diet but add in dairy, so you will have half/half in your coffee and cottage cheese with peaches for instance. If you feel less youthful, less energy, sluggish, have an upset stomach then you know you cannot have dairy. You continue to eat Whole30 until you feel great again (about a day) and then you have a day where you do no dairy or wheat, but you add in sugar. Observe. Then repeat the process for wheat. At the end of the 2-week reintegration, you are now set for life. You know your sensitivities. And you are feeling better to boot!


That is Whole30. Whole30 is an elimination diet, Paleo is a lifestyle. It is really beneficial to do a Whole30 elimination diet before you do Paleo. Paleo is a very broad brush. That is what at Evolve we offer modifications. We want you to be in tune with your body and know what you can and cannot have, because it is different for everyone.


We will be offering a Whole30 Challenge at the beginning of the year. If you are curious as to what sensitivities you have (and you have some), you should consider joining. If you have never done this, then you do not know how good you COULD feel. You just know what is normal for you. However, a life without your body being in a constant state of inflamed, you will have NEW NORMAL. A BETTER NORMAL.


4 responses to “What is Whole30?”

  1. I’m currently on a whole30 right now but am wanting to do one again at the beginning of next year. Do you have a start date planned already? And how does the challenge work?

    • We will be doing one in January. We typically start challenges about the 3rd week of January. This allows everyone to get off of holiday and back into a routine. Be looking for some marketing material mid-December. The challenge is 5 meals a day for 30 days. We do all the cooing, all you have to do is provide water to drink. It comes with the food, pre and post assessments, half-price supplements, and some Evolve gear. The cost is $850 for the entire month. Hope that answers some questions, let me know if you have any others, caleb@evolvepaleochef.com.


  2. Hi Caleb,

    I saw that there would be another Whole30 plan starting on Feb 23. The Whole30 plan with 3 meals and 2 snacks is a lot of food for one person. Is there any option with less meal items per day?

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