There are many health benefits to eating as the Paleolithic man ate. One of the benefits is a decrease in inflammatory stress on the body. When inflammatory foods such as dairy, grains and processed sugars are consumed, they cause the body to accumulate extra fluid, fat and dampen the immune system. This then causes the organs to have to work harder and puts stress and extra weight on joints. The body can no longer work at its optimal capacity and disease and illness set in. When inflammation is present at a chronic level, the body actually begins to attack itself, resulting in autoimmune illnesses. Changing one's diet by removing the inflammatory foods will dramatically reduce extra fluid in the body and decrease the stress on the organs and joints. Another benefit to eating Paleo is blood sugar level maintenance. When grains, processed sugars and starchy foods are eliminated from the diet and replaced with lean meats, nuts and non-starchy veggies, there will be less blood sugar highs and lows. This will help the pancreas to perform better, as well as other organs like the liver, kidneys and brain. The body has an easier time healing itself and the cardiovascular system as a whole runs more efficiently with normal blood sugar levels.



When a Paleo lifestyle is adopted, there is an increased immune system. Since the body isn’t under constant inflammatory attack, it conserves its energy for normal functions and processes. The cells in the immune system are used to fight off other foreign properties instead of fighting themselves. A person with an autoimmune illness can see improvements in their health with the Paleo diet by reducing the excess inflammation in the body.


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