You are NOT what You Eat…

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I just got a call from someone claiming that because the chickens we use (which are free-range, organic, these-birds-have-an-awesome-life-chickens) may eat soy they are not Paleo chickens and we are not a Paleo company. Let me dispel this notion and see if I can assist with some critical thought.


Let’s take cows for instance. Baby cows are veal. Veal is baby cow. If you follow the chicken logic that this person was using, it would be said that because baby cows drink milk from their mothers, that eating a baby cow would in fact be eating a dairy product. Veal is dairy. Anyone think that veal is dairy? (there is no dairy product in veal)


Another example. Pigs eat vegetables. By eating bacon are we eating vegetables? I don’t think anyone would argue that.


So, if we are NOT what our food eats then does it matter what they eat? If you eat Cheetos and someone eats you, are they then eating Cheetos? Or are they eating an unhealthy person? If we ate grass, would that make us healthy or unhealthy? Unhealthy. Because we are NOT cows, we need different foods than a cow does.


If a chicken eats grain, is it healthy or unhealthy? Healthy. That is what they eat. This does not mean by eating a chicken you are eating grains. No more than us eating veal are we eating dairy. We are concerned with what makes us healthy. Follow that down the food chain, what makes our food healthy? That is where we want to be.


Contrary to popular belief, you ARE NOT what you eat. However, your health is directly related to what you eat.


At the end of the day, you will believe what you want to believe, we can’t change that. We know what we do is good and healthy we are doing what we believe. Just know, you are NOT what you eat. Your health is a byproduct of what you eat.


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